Integrative Therapy and Counselling With Tania Davies

Heal Your Past With A New Beginning

A New Beginning
Seeking support from myself as a professional counsellor and psychotherapist can often feel like a new beginning for clients because they start to learn how to be the hero or heroine of their own life and how to come through the challenges they face. The experience of the therapeutic relationship with me can help provide more pieces of the puzzle of how to begin a more fulfilling, purposeful, joyous and peaceful life.

What You Deserve and What You Need
We all truly want to feel as if we are thriving in our lives and not just surviving through phase after phase of struggle. By choosing and committing to counselling or psychotherapy, we can give ourselves the time and space we often need and always deserve to be able to share our challenges and gain support to help to overcome them.

Depending on what a client needs at a specific time from a particular therapist or counsellor, counselling or psychotherapy can be short-term support for a specific issue in a client’s life, or ongoing help through interconnected places of challenge.

Breaking Out of  The Stuck Places
The blocks and disconnection we often sense within ourselves, with others in our relationships, or in our lives generally, can often leave us feeling lost, trapped and confused. Within these “stuck” places we can feel lonely, misunderstood, depressed and anxious. Often these blocks seem strong and can be hard to face, especially when we have experienced a challenging event in our lives such as a recent bereavement or trauma. Quite often our sense of powerlessness makes getting out of a “stuck” place feel like an almost impossible task. Our perspective becomes very narrow, like a kind of tunnel-vision. The best way out of the place we are trapped in is to seek some extra support and with it, gain a different perspective.

Allowing ourselves the time and space within therapy to explore the challenges in our lives can help give us the resources and clarity we need to able to reach a more freeing place where healing and transformation can happen. When we begin to find new ways to understand and heal from the wounds behind our blocks, we can start to have a better understanding of ourselves, others and the world around us, so we can navigate our lives more easily. It is quite possible that our whole outlook on life can change.

Healing The Past
The challenges we face in the present can often be linked back to historic traumatic experiences as children or young adults, when we did not have the help and support we needed to fully process them, either at the time or afterwards. If we choose to engage in counselling and psychotherapy, it can provide us with the opportunity to go back into our past and find a way to reconnect with these lost or damaged parts of ourselves, giving them support they didn’t get in the past and affording them the chance to heal.  The therapist can help explore our current resources and build on them, improving our capacity for self compassion, empathy and understanding. This can allow us the opportunity to release some of the trapped emotions that we were not able to express at the time, within the supportive containment of a therapy situation.

Sometimes we inherited blocks from our families, or we built them to protect ourselves during experiences in our own lives, or perhaps we created them so we could fit into our family or society. Once we start to understand this and do what is necessary to remove the blocks, we can feel more alive and get a stronger sense of purpose in our lives. Life can feel less of a struggle and we are more able to connect naturally to the flow of life around us.

The Wounded Healer
I am a “wounded healer” type of counsellor and psychotherapist. I have gained insights from the challenges in my own life and one of the ways I help others is to share appropriately what I have personally learned about how to come through and transform my own blocks. I am passionate about continuously learning and healing alongside my clients and I learn from each and every one of them. Though there are “maps” of ways to help and support clients with particular issues, I believe that it is also important to acknowledge that no two people are the same and clients have each had their own individual life experience. Flexible support for each individual client is essential - it’s important to treat everyone as the unique human being that they are.

Holistic Healing
As well as being committed to constant growth and learning alongside my clients, I have an interest in holistic healing from a mind, body, spirit, heart and soul perspective and I am fascinated by how each different type of therapy and support crosses over and interconnects with others.  I encourage clients to grow, learn and read outside of the therapy and often refer them to books and resources from other types of therapists, mentors, authors and teachers.